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TikToker's Joke Video About How She Acts Around Her 'Son's Hot Friends' Sparks Heated Debate

TikToker's Joke Video About How She Acts Around Her 'Son's Hot Friends' Sparks Heated Debate

A mom on TikTok has ignited a heated debate on the platform after posting a video about how she acts around her "son's hot friends."

Since being posted March 5 the video has gone viral, but for many it's for all the wrong reasons—because it's creepy and inappropriate.

But some have countered it's obviously a joke and the creator herself has stated in the video's caption the son in question is "imaginary."

Regardless, the video is deeply weird any way you slice it.

Have a look.


my imaginary son is in college

The video comes from TikToker @theycallmelolacheeks, and features the creator in a form-fitting and revealing outfit with the on-screen text "When my hot son's friends are over," along with a music selection comprised of mewling cats presumably in heat.

It's... weird, to say the very least. And while the video's caption, which reads "my imaginary son is in college" can at least give us a sigh of relief that none of this is real, it doesn't exactly make the whole thing less weird, does it?

The woman's TikToks regularly cause debate because nearly all of them are variations on this same theme. There's more than one about making passes at her non-existent son's hot friends, along with multiple videos about dating and sleeping with 18-year-olds, being a so-called "MILF," and even one about sleeping with the landlord for free rent as a "single mom."

Perhaps it's all in good (and weird) fun, but it's hard not to argue that if a man made TikToks like this, most of us would probably be reporting them as being inappropriately fixated on barely-legal teens. Several commenters defended @theycallmelolacheeks, pointing out that men have made jokes like this for ages.

But unsurprisingly, they are in the minority, and @theycallmelolacheeks' videos have inspired quite a bit of angry backlash.










Judging from some of the comments on @theycallmelolcheeks' videos, she has deleted some of her videos in the past when they've caused backlash. Maybe she ought to consider doing that with a few more of them...