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Woman Stuns TikTok With Her 'Toxic' Hack For How To Find Nudes On Your Boyfriend's Phone

Many viewers were stunned to find out that the iPhone camera roll even has a search function.

Leah Louvaine sitting in a chair with headphones and a microphone

TikTok is a great app. It's a place where you can learn all sorts of neat things, many of which you didn't even know you needed in your life until you randomly happened upon them.

But one TikTok user's informational "hack" is generating a lot of controversy.

Many people have been in relationships where they had that itch to search through their significant other's phone to see if they're cheating or doing anything else less than stellar.

Now, one woman has revealed a hack that will allow people to search their significant other's phone to see if they have nudes without having to scroll through all of their pictures in all of their photo albums.

The TikTok user that shared the hack is Leah Louvaine.

Even she admitted the hack was toxic.

“Do you want to know if your boyfriend has nudes on his phone? Because I can show you how to do it. I’ve literally got a hack. Disclaimer—toxic.”
"Again I'm not condoning this behavior, it's toxic. It's toxic."

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Then she walked the viewer through the steps they needed to do in order to see any nudes on their significant other's phone.

“Here is what we are going to do—we are going to get our boyfriend's phone… we open the camera roll, we search 'brassiere'.”

She explained by searching "brassiere" in the search function on the camera roll the phone will bring up any photos with bras, underwear, nudes, bikinis or anything similar to that search term.


Toxic tips 101 😩😭 @leahontheline #podcast #relationships

The video has over 877,000 views since it was posted.

The comments are full of people confirming this trick indeed works.



Other people mentioned it doesn't work if photos are located in a hidden album.



And of course, there were those comments that raised a big red flag.




The best choice is generally to communicate with your significant other and if your intuition is really strong, maybe just leave them.

But, if you do choose to do some snooping, this toxic hack will make it a lot easier.