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TikTok Parents Called Out For Dangerous 'Hack' To Sneak Their Young Son Onto Disney Rides

Popular TikTokers and YouTubers The Kelly Fam sparked backlash after showing how they glued flip flip bottoms onto their young son's shoes to meet the height requirement for certain Disney theme park rides.

TikTok screenshots from @the.kelly.fam

Rules are meant to be broken keep us safe.

A popular family on TikTok has come under fire after posting what they believe to be a genius solution to get their son onto all the rides at Disney.

Why can't he in the first place, you ask?

Well the "thrill-seeking boy" isn't tall enough to meet the safety requirements for all the rides his parents would like for him to enjoy. As they noted, though, they "didn't want that to stop him from feeling the rush."

So, they came up with the "ultimate theme park hack"—at least, that's what they are calling it. Others are calling it reckless and irresponsible.

You can see it all unfold below.


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The video begins innocently enough.

"Meet my son, Kannon, our thrill-seeking boy who can't get enough of Disney theme park rides."
"The only problem, you ask? He's just not tall enough for the big ones."

But then it continued:

“We didn’t want that to stop him from feeling the rush."
"We took matters into our own hands and crafted a shoe that just might do the trick."

What in the name of Geppetto‽‽

The video documented Kannon's parents Gorilla-gluing flip flop soles onto the bottoms of their child's shoes.

As everyone but the Kelly fam could imagine, the video was met with negative reviews. Obviously, the "ultimate hack" put their child at risk for injury.





In response to the backlash from the initial video, the family attempted to backpedal.

The father stated:

"I would never ever put my kids in actual danger."
"I would never condone any other parent trying to put their kid on a ride that they aren't tall enough for. You don't know what happened. In the video, you didn't see him actually go on any rides."

He claimed his son didn't actually need the altered shoes and was tall enough to get on the rides without them.

He must have forgotten he literally stated the opposite in his first video.


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Unfortunately for the Kelly fam, the follow-up video didn't make matters any better.





Finally, they caved and took responsibility for their "own actions."

They did not, however, admit they risked their child's safety.

Dad shared:

"I tried to give my children a magical experience, and we had an amazing time."
"Have I handled this situation flawlessly with all the hate we have been receiving? No, I haven't, but I don't have any ill will towards any of you."
"At he end of the day, we are responsible for our own actions, and I can hold my head up high knowing I didn't put my kids in danger."

He finished:

"Y'all have a blessed day."

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For your viewing pleasure, here's a video from the family's YouTube account stating again that Kannon is not tall enough for the rides.