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Woman Divorces Her Husband After Noticing A Telling Detail In Some Photos Of Him On Facebook


TikToker Tylar Paige went viral when she shared one of the many reasons for divorcing her husband.

She was scrolling through Facebook one day and stumbled on a photo of her husband at a club, surrounded by women.

You can see her tell her story here:

@tylarpaige I'd love for this sound to go viral because he will know he's the only idiot that would tell such a whopper!!! ##fyp ##liar ##cheater ##exhusband
♬ They photoshopped his wedding ring off - Ty Paige

After pointing it out to him, Paige get's a response she didn't expect:

"He tells me that they photoshopped his ring off."
"They photoshopped his ring off? Sure they did."

Ending the video with:

"We're divorced."

About 2.2 million views and roughly 317 thousand likes later, there were plenty of comments sharing a laugh with Paige.




Some people shared their own ex-husband stories.




There were many requests for more information on the story, since Paige revealed in the comments that he eventually gave a different excuse.

Paige continued by explaining that she is actually a 'photoshop expert' and that there is no way the nightclub would take the time to photoshop such a small detail like a wedding ring out of a photo.

She provided a follow-up video.

Then he changed his excuse to:

"He must have taken his ring off when he washed his hands and forgot to put it back on."

By popular demand, Paige eventually revealed the alleged photo in another TikTok video.

These commenters made excellent points about the ridiculousness of his lie.



Tylar Paige has since gone on to make a hilarious TikTok series called #TheLiarWire, where she tells more of the lies her now ex-husband told her.