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Woman Stunned After Cop Who Maced Her At BLM Protest Calls Her His 'Dream Girl' On Dating App

Woman Stunned After Cop Who Maced Her At BLM Protest Calls Her His 'Dream Girl' On Dating App

One of the remarkable things about the internet is its power to reunite people in unexpected ways.

Like when a dating app reconnects you with the police officer who maced you at a BLM protest, as happened to a TikToker named Cami.

What a small world.

As she shared on TikTok, not only did the the officer try to hit Cami up, he also called her his "dream girl."


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In her TikTok post, which Cami captioned, "is this a joke," she shared screenshots of the officer's Hinge profile and their conversation.

She also showed a screenshot of the officer's profile details, like that he's "spiritual" and "conservative." And to really sell how weird and off-putting this whole thing was—and perhaps make an implication about the officer's demeanor—she set the video to the iconic and deeply creepy score to Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho.

But then things took a really wild turn. Cami, clearly not one to beat around the bush, also included a screenshot of her confronting the police officer on the app.

The message read:

"You were the one who maced me at the BLM rally right?"

Cami's video ends there, but she did offer a summary of the officer's response to her question in the comments on her post. And if you thought the officer would be sobered by her confrontation, well, think again.

Cami's comment read:

"I don't feel like making another video Bc it's not worth it so pt 2 he said: You know it."

In a surprise reversal, many of Cami's fellow TikTokers were all in favor of this love connection—though not for the reasons you might assume.








Others simply could not believe the officer's audacity—again, for reasons you might not expect.




Cami also said in her comments she was banned from posting to TikTok for including screenshots of her and the officer's private messages.

Perhaps when her ban lifts we'll get more juicy details of this bizarre online dating mess.