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TikToker Offers To Be 'Stand In Mom' For Nonbinary Groom Whose Biological Mom Rejected Him

After TikToker Noah James posted a heartbreaking video about his ordeal, Caerhl 'Rosie' Irey stepped in to show him some love.

TikTok screenshots of Noah James and Caehrl "Rosie" Irey
@noah_b83/TikTok; @north_omaha_cat_lady/TikTok

Cue all the warm and fuzzies.

A beautiful relationship bloomed via TikTok when creator Noah James posted a heartbreaking video telling viewers his biological mother would not be attending his wedding.

The "non-binary lil guy" posted his video with the caption:

"Hey mom friends out there...I'd deeply appreciate some mom love."

With Cimorelli's "When the Party's Over" playing, an emotional James cast the following words at the top of the screen:

"I asked my mom if she wanted to be invited to my wedding next year."
"She said she wasn't sure... but that the 'issue' was solved anyway, as she'll be out of the country the day I get married."
"She'd move mountains for anyone but me... the black sheep. The gay disgrace..."
"I feel unloved... unwanted. I feel so sad... all I wanted was her love and support. It's the one thing I'll never get."

The video finished:

"My wedding will still be amazing. My fiancée stands beside me through it all. But part of me will always wish my mom loved me as I am..."

Hey mom friends out there…id deeply appreciate some mom love. #SephoraConcealers #fyp #engaged #mommyissues #unloved

TikTok-famous Caerhl "Rosie" Irey—whose TikTok handle is @north_omaha_cat_lady—responded to James, asking, "Where and when? Let me know."

Irey continued:

"We will bring aunties and uncles and cousins and sisters and brothers and second cousins thrice removed."
"If your family is not supportive of you, find a new family. I will stand in for your mother."
"If you don't mind having an old fat mother in a muumuu at our wedding I will be there... I will walk you down the aisle."
"Let me know. We love you. We support you. F**k her."

#stitch with @noah_b83 #@eveonthebeach @nursejenesis @goddessmia20_ @haassauce_and_curls @trashpanda430 @uman8686 @jpaw78 @bridgefarmer72 @aweebitsilly @ferry_godfather #gettinmyfatbitchon #weloveyou

The video has been viewed 19 million times.

It was clearly meant to be, as both James and Irey live in Omaha. The two were able to meet, eat ramen with Irey's fiancée, and confirm that Irey would be "mom" for the wedding.

After the meeting, Irey posted another video exclaiming, "I have a son!"

Irey continued:

"I have a handsome son named Noah who is getting married to the most wonderful person ever name Bat and I could not be happier. We had such a fun time tonight."
"Noah, this mama is always gonna be there for you. So, I'm proud of you and I'll be there at your wedding."

#gettinmyfatbitchon #itsaboy💙

Followers of the story were elated they were able to connect and even happier James' wedding day will be magical.










James told The Independent other moms reached out, as well.

"I still feel like I don't deserve it, but I'm so thankful for the overwhelmingly positive response. So many moms have messaged me, sent me cards, and posted kind words."

He continued:

"It'll be a hard day without my biological mom, so it means a lot to me that Rosie will be there."

James also told Insider he hopes his story will help others facing similar experiences.

"I want to say, 'Hey, you're not alone.' What I want to do with my platform is to make people feel less alone."
"That's what I stand for and what's important to me."