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Those Bumps Near Crosswalks Are Actually There To Convey Really Useful Information

Photo by Yoonhee Shin/EyeEm Getty Images. @BlondeHistorian/Twitter

There is a good chance most of us have come out of the grocery story and pushed our carts over a large row of bumps in the sidewalk. Often there might be a swearing under the breath as we reach for out rattling eggs, but here's the thing, the store isn't trying to irritate you. Those bumps are called truncated domes and they serve a vital purpose.

In the U.S. the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) made truncated domes mandatory in 2001 so that visually impaired people can tell when they are leaving the walkspace and entering and area where cars are present. There are many different styles, that mean different things to the visually impaired person, and they can certainly be life saving while navigating through city streets.

A twitter user, Dr. Amy Kavanagh, who lives in London, sent out a series of tweets to explain what all of the different bumps in the road mean. Take a look, and maybe next time when you are pushing your cart over those bumps you'll have a greater appreciation for the job they do.

What might appear as random bumps have meaning to those who use them.

Dr. Kavanagh also pointed out the importance that the truncated domes be well maintained.

Sounds and vibrations are also used.

If you would like to help to make sure tactile roads are readily available, she left a link to a petition in the UK.

People were grateful for the lesson.

And people were already getting involved.

H/T: Indy100