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This Note A Postal Customer Received About Why Their Mail Has Blood On It Is Wild Y'all

This Note A Postal Customer Received About Why Their Mail Has Blood On It Is Wild Y'all

Have you ever wondered what kinds of adventures your mail has gone through en route to your mailbox?

Perhaps it seems a bit beat up, or has scuff marks all over it like it got caught in a machine, or the envelope is slightly ripped.

Well, for one postal customer, they got a surprise when they received some mail with a little bit extra on it: blood.

Luckily for them, the Postal Service assumed that they might be a bit freaked out wondering how it got there, so they included a helpful note describing exactly what it was and how it got there.

Twitter user @CenTexAg shared the bizarre note, which quickly went viral.

The note starts:

"Dear Postal Customer,"
"Due to wildly unforeseen circumstances the following letter has inadvertently come into contact with animal blood."

It then describes a wild fight between a hawk and a raven in the back of the delivery truck:

"The carrier reported that while they were in their postal vehicle getting the next set of mail ready to be delivered, a hawk chasing a raven flew into the back of the vehicle. The had a momentary scuffle until they promptly exited the vehicle. Several letters, including yours, we[re] stained during this altercation. We are deeply sorry for any inconveniences this may have caused you."



People were pretty impressed.

Just another typical day for a mail carrier?

One Twitter user shared a similarly hilarious notice on a package indicating that it couldn't be delivered because of a "bear at door".

But this response is the answer that we were all actually waiting for:

Only one thing to do now:


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