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This New '7 Rings' Parody Video Starring A Julie Andrews Impersonator Is Now One Of Our Favorite Things

J U L I A A K S/YouTube

With Ariana Grande's hit single "7 Rings" officially dominating the top 100 on the Billboard chart for the fifth week in a row after debuting at number 1, the song also qualifies for the utmost form of flattery:

a parody video.

And what better to riff on the song's use of a soundbite from the Sound of Music's "My Favorite Things" than featuring a Julie Andrews-type character in said parody video? It doesn't get any more meta than a song paying homage to a traditional musical later to be parodied by the very musical.

The video features actress Julia Aks channeling her inner Maria to step into the habit to get down and dirty a la Grande.

Aks says in the introduction:
"Now whenever something bugs me and I feel unhappy, I just try and think of nice things. Daffodils! Green meadows...stacks on stacks!"

And then all hail Mary breaks loose with the same fuchsia lighting washing over the interior of a house party like in the original "7 Rings" music video.

7 RINGS - Julie Andrews feat. the Von Trapp Queens (Ariana Grande Parody)

The spoof is becoming a viral Twitter moment.

Aks is an actress and opera singer in Los Angeles who needs her own show.

An eventual comparison was drawn.

The video has so far amassed 126K likes on Twitter.

People just can't get enough.

This video is now one of my favorite things. *hits repeat button*