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This Mom Will Never Trust Her Husband To Take Their Cat To The Groomers Ever Again

CasarsaGuru via Getty Images // @caitchristinee/Twitter // @livtower/Twitter

The claws are coming out after one mother saw how her husband instructed groomers to make over the family cat.

Our pets are often our best friends and best friends don't let each other look ridiculous. That's why one mother was livid when she came home to see Oliver the cat's latest makeover.

Twitter user Caitlin Christine shared irate texts from her mother featuring pictures of Oliver and his new hair do—which can only be described as the cutest of catastrophes.

One person who definitely wasn't entertained by Oliver's new look was Caitlin's mother, who said to her in a text:

"I'm gonna effin kill your father!!! He dropped Oliver off for his groom and this is how he came back. Like seriously gonna puke! I'm so maddddd. Waited two months for this appt WTF!!! I can't even look at Oliver ...he looks absolutely ridiculous!"

To Oliver's credit, the feline seemed unfazed.




Poor Oliver was turned into the furriest cork screw we've ever seen.

For comparison, Caitlin shared a picture of Oliver looking his best.

Some people were confused.

But it turns out, grooming catastrophes are more common than you might think, and people began sharing pictures of their grooming horror stories.

Soon, comparisons came flooding in.

Poor Oliver.

Rest assured, your look won't be fur-ever.

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