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This Court Sketch Of Maria Butina Looks Exactly Like Matt Damon--And We Can Totally See It πŸ˜‚

STR/AFP/Getty Images; Twitter: @adamzopf

A courtroom sketch of Maria Butina is making the rounds on Twitter. The illustration shows Butina pleading guilty in the courtroom. However, people don't quite feel they properly captured the look of the Russian spy.

Does she really look like Matt Damon?

I mean, I guess?

Maria Butina, the Russian gun rights activist, has pleaded guilty to the charges of conspiracy and failure to register as a foreign agent. The Russian national is believed to have infiltrated conservative and gun rights lobbying groups under the orders of a Russian official.

While official names have not been announced in connection with this charge, the gun right's group is believed to be the NRA, and the Russian Official is Alexander Torshin, deputy governor of the Russain Central Bank.

Maybe she looks more like Dwight Shrute?

Butina arranged for the gun rights activists to meet with Russian officials and has evidence against her suggesting an end goal of establishing an unofficial communication channel with US politicians. Her continuing communication with the unnamed Russian official in these activities has many in the country worried.

Can anyone figure out who she looks like?

Maybe it just isn't meant to be.

The charge Butina is pleading to carries a sentence of up to five years though it's unlikely she'll get that time. Her deal with prosecutors to be cooperative with the investigation will likely lead to leniency.