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The 'Some Of You Have Never' Meme Is Here To Call You Out In Hilarious Fashion 😂

The 'Some Of You Have Never' Meme Is Here To Call You Out In Hilarious Fashion 😂
GettyImages, @_Sharenk/Twitter

How much life experience do you have to vouch for your wisdom? Prepare to be humbled, for you are about to realize how much of a novice you are when it comes to living.

The latest meme circulating on the internet is the 'Some of you have never...' meme, exposing your lack of experience in various circumstances – whether it's crying yourself to sleep or trying Korean BBQ.

How many of the following can you admit to having done? You might feel like you're missing out. Or not, depending on how you look at it.

Contrary to your disbelief, this person exists somewhere in our vast universe.

Not all students are dedicated to their studies.

Thought you could conceal everything? Nice try.

Isn't this a rite of passage?

We all know this person.

This seems to set off anxiety alarms for many people.

This person is missing out on belly aches from howling with laughter.

Expand your tastes.

The few who've experienced this wish they had checked out.

What's lacking from your wardrobe?

Were you ever judged for your taste in music? Because it shows.

How many of you dodged this possibility?

This happened to someone. And it's awesome.

So a woman was discovered doing this at a Walmart parking lot. Thee are some things in life we could go on living without.

Based on these examples, if your life experience tally was low, isn't it time some of your applied yourselves?