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The Internet Is In Love With This Police Officer Who Has The Best Name Ever 😂

The Internet Is In Love With This Police Officer Who Has The Best Name Ever 😂
ITV News/YouTube, @sethdarby/Twitter

Some names are really funny in context of a person's occupation. If you had a dentist with the name "Dr. Fang," that's one solid example.

What are some funny names you can think of for a police officer? Well, a police officer from Avon & Somerset Constabulary in the UK may have your brain beat.

ITV News West Country aired an interview with the Constabulary about how the police force is being impacted by severe budget cuts in the wake of Brexit and other complications with the UK's economy:

Police at funding 'breaking point' | ITV

Towards the end of the interview, a young man by the name of "Rob Banks" comes on screen. A full name which is also a felony under the law--that's a new one!

Banks spoke to his doubt of wanting to carry on with the police considering their lack of resources.

Unfortunately, it did not seem that most were paying attention to the words coming out of his mouth, as his name was far too funny a coincidence.

Inspired by Banks, people began sharing some other funny names within businesses across the country the world:

How do folks' parents not realize the name peril they are sending their children into?

According to Unilad UK, the budget crisis in the police force is plagued by the increase in crime figures over the years.

"Violent crime and the number of people arrested in possession of knives or other weapons have both doubled. Justice for victims has meanwhile fallen with only one in every eight people seeing a conclusion to their investigation."

The crisis is reaching a climax, as "the public is being asked to pay more for their police, officers are considering quitting as there are insufficient numbers to cope with rising crime levels."

Let's hope Rob Banks and his fellow officers see some relief during their time in the force.