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Texas Restaurant Owner's Clapback To Homophobic Customer's Nasty Review Is Pure Fire

Texas Restaurant Owner's Clapback To Homophobic Customer's Nasty Review Is Pure Fire
@Dakota's Steakhouse of Hereford/Facebook

A Texas restaurant owner's response to a nasty, homophobic Facebook post attacking an employee has gone viral.

In a review on the Facebook page of Dakota's Steakhouse of Hereford, Texas, a woman declared she would not be returning to the steakhouse.

Her reason for not returning was not because of her experience with the restaurant’s food or service, but rather the appearance of her server.

Though since deleted from the Dakota's Steakhouse of Hereford Facebook page, the post from this past July went viral via screenshots uploaded to the Reddit thread "Insane People Facebook."

In her one sentence review, the woman openly expressed her horror at her server's outward appearance.

"I will not be back if boys look like women with nails painted and are serving people. Seriously."

After receiving a nod of support from one fellow Facebooker, the woman further unleashed in a reply.

"ugh nails longer than mine, eyebrows painted on and make up wtf Scott came unglued so gross oh and a sparkly choker necklace."

The restaurant's owner, Josh Murray came to the server's defense.

"At Dakota’s Steakhouse we support our staff 100%."
“No matter their religion, race, criminal history or sexuality; I don’t judge."
"I choose to provide an opportunity of employment for everyone."
"If this offends you then please stay at home."
"After all if you could cook Debbie, then maybe Scott wouldn’t be looking at his server all night."

Murray's response was met with a standing ovation by fellow Facebookers, even gaining international attention from Canada and France.

And if that ignorant woman won't be returning to Dakota's Steakhouse any time soon, Murray's response resulted in an influx of new customers eager to pay a visit to Daktota’s, even from a handful of vegetarians and vegans.

While Texas is not known for having particularly progressive social politics, Murray welcomes everyone to his restaurant with open arms.

Unless they choose to be a bigot.

Then maybe they should just stay home and cook their own food.