It may seem a bit much to cover a car in blankets, air mattresses or pool noodles because of an incoming hail storm, but hail can do a serious amount of damage to a vehicle.

Objects the size of golf balls falling from the sky hit objects on the ground with a pretty significant amount of force.

Texans without access to a covered garage had to get extra creative ahead of a recent hail storm which was projected to drop golf-ball-sized hail on northern Texas.

Blankets, rugs, pool noodles, and even clothing were common impromptu cushions.

Estreitta on Instagram: “Hubby is Preparing for the #hailpocolypse2019 since we don’t have a garage or carport. Many of our neighbors have done the same as well.…”

Some went with cardboard boxes.

Air mattresses were also a common barrier.

There was even a regular mattress or two!

Garden mulch also made a few appearances.

Some simply choose creative parking spots.

For anyone doubting the damage hail can do, here are some videos of Texas hail storms:

Hail can do a lot of damage.

Hopefully these extra creative protective measures were enough to protect Texans' vehicles from the ice balls falling out of the sky.

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