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How One Gay Teen's Suicide 'Radically Transformed' A Church's Message To One Of Inclusivity

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Lizzie Lowe was 14-years-old when she took her own life. It, like many other suicides, never should have happened.

Before her death, Lowe had confided in friends she believed she was a lesbian, but feared she'd be rejected by her family and her church as a gay Christian. She didn't realize that parents loved her no matter what and only wanted their daughter to be happy. They never would have rejected her.

Now the church, St James and Emmanuel, in Didsbury, England, where Lowe and her parents attended service has made a radical change. Although they say they were always inclusive to the gay community, they'd stayed silent for fear of causing controversy. The church will no longer remain silent and is making inclusion a part of policy, even going so far as to organize the first Didsbury Pride event on church grounds.

Although some members have left in protest, Rector Nick Bundock says the death of a teenager puts the true work of the church in perspective.

You can watch the heartbreaking story below.

Some wondered why it had to happen at all.

The church reached out on Twitter.

The church is being overwhelmingly supported.

Our hearts go out to Lizzie's family.

H/T: BBC, Manchester Evening News