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Video of a Teen Trying to Figure Out How to Use a Rotary Phone Makes Us Feel Old

Video of a Teen Trying to Figure Out How to Use a Rotary Phone Makes Us Feel Old
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Way before smartphones, people had to communicate from home via a device that required more dexterity than swiping or clicking: the rotary phone.

For those who haven't used them, which at this point probably includes all humans under the age of 35 or so, this ancient device can prove tricky. And surely even just glancing at it can prove puzzling, while quite amusing for anyone from preceding generations to watch.

So when a video of a teenager trying to dial a rotary phone emerged online this week, it quickly resonated with many, having garnered more than 15 million views:

In this video, a teenager attempts to figure out how to use this relic from decades ago. He dials before even picking up the receiver -- easy mistake, cute, even.

The woman recording the hilarious endeavor can be heard giggling of camera, as millions others certainly did as well when watching the teen try to solve the enigmatic device.

Convinced he finished dialing correctly, the teen picks up the receiver and says, "hello?"


Not to be discouraged by accompanying fits of laughter, he makes another attempt, and another, and another, and still skips the crucial step of picking up the handset...FIRST.

The Facebook video was captioned:

Okay so when your knowledgeable tech guy trys to operate old school technology!!!! This sh*t was priceless!

Comments on the post ranged from "These were the good'ole days I actually miss them!" to "Hysterical!"


One comment read:

Other anecdotes soon followed:

People remembered the struggle being real.

Finally, one user lamented:

"Now they know how we oldies feel trying to use computers."

At one point in the video, after unsuccessfully making contact, the teen pulls out his smartphone and the mother quips, "What are you going to do, Google it?"

Sigh. The kids have it easy. Let's not even get into dialing up on the Internet...

This ate up most of your day.Giphy

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