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Texas Middle School Teacher Sparks Outrage With Racist 'Trigger Words Scramble' Worksheet

The offensive assignment contained the N-word along with words like 'b*tch' and 'crackhead.'

A worksheet with derogatory language on it.

A teacher at a middle school in Killeen, Texas was fired after giving children worksheets that used racial and other offensive terminology.

The Killeen Independent School District reported the now-former teacher—whose name has not been made public—gave out "an appalling and extremely disturbing assignment" in a letter to parents on Thursday.

A "Trigger Words Scramble" on one of the worksheets—distributed to roughly 10 pupils in a class at Rancier Middle School—included the n-word as well as words like "fat" and "crackhead."

Racist Assignment Sparks Outrage in

Parents had several concerns about the school district they send their children to—which is majority Black and Hispanic students.

"Just how comfortable was this teacher in this environment? Just how comfortable was this teacher to display this toxic behavior?"

Reactions were quick to come in.

Some people said what many thinking.

Several others noticed a big gap in the information the school district released.

No one was shocked this happened in Killeen, which has a pretty bad track record even before this incident.

Nor could anyone express surprise this happened in Texas.

Someone suggested the teacher will probably wind up serving in Republican Governor Greg Abbot's administration.

This lamentable incident was truly frustrating for parents and children in the school.

Hopefully there will be more repercussions for this teacher to follow.