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Plane Flies Over Eras Tour Show At Perfect Time—And Taylor Swift Had The Best Response

A video from one of Swift's concerts in Argentina went viral after a plane flew over the stadium just as Swift sang a very fitting line from her song 'Labyrinth.'

Taylor Swift and plane
@taylorswift13 / Twitter

Live music performances are always full of magic. That's why we go, after all. And when it comes to Taylor Swift's Eras Tour, the magical moments are myriad.

But none has quite risen to the level of Swift's recent Eras performance in Argentina when a plane flew over the stadium at a moment so exactly fitting it almost seemed like she must have planned the whole thing.

As Swift was singing her 2022 hit "Labyrinth," a jetliner passed over the stadium at precisely the moment she sang a lyric about an airplane. Coincidence? Not according to Swifties, who are convinced Swift is secretly a sorceress.

The moment happened at Buenos Aires' River Plate Stadium just as Swift sang the following line:

"I thought the plane was going down/How'd you turn it right around."

Now come on. What are the odds? Even Swift herself seems convinced of her own mystical powers. She captioned her posts of the video:

"Never beating the sorcery allegations ✨🛬✨"

That joke is likely a reference to another part of the show that has struck fans as obviously mystical. Swift performed her song "Willow" in a giant cape surrounded by dancers carrying lighted crystal balls.


Willow (cult witch version) #taylorswift #erastour #erastourfilm #theerastour #willow #evermore #fyp

With moves straight out of the Stevie Nicks playbook and those capes flying around, the performance has a distinctly earth-witch vibe, like some kind of Druid priestess conducting a ceremony.

Now, it turns out it might have been a conjuring of an Argentinean jetliner. Who knew? And, of course, she's clearly worked some kind of magic on Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. This woman's powers are unlimited.

On social media, fans were definitely feeling the witchy vibes in Swift's viral airplane moment.

Who knows what the high priestess of pop will pull off next with her magical powers. The people of Brazil are about to find out, since Swift's next shows are in Rio de Janeiro.