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Taylor Swift Fans Claim They're Suffering From 'Post-Concert Amnesia' After Getting Too Excited

Several Swifties have reported amnesia after attending the 'Eras Tour'—and it could be a result of the body misinterpreting excitement for stress.

Taylor Swift
Kevin Mazur/TAS23/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management

Two months into her widely anticipated and celebrated ERAS tour, Taylor Swift's fans are slowly coming together in realizing an odd event happened in the wake of attending the concert.

They've forgotten it.

This 'post-concert amnesia' is being talked about on various social media platforms, with fans coming forward to share their feelings—often guilt—that they don't seem to have clear memories of attending the concert some of them forked over thousands of dollars to attend.

This amnesia isn't uncommon in the wake of highly emotionally-charged events says Evan McNay, an associate professor of psychology at the State University of New York.

The jumping up and down, dancing movements and super-charged emotions can sometimes signal to the body and brain that either they are at a Taylor Swift concert—or they have just escaped getting eaten by a tiger.

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In this way, the amnesia is the brain's way of erasing what it thinks was a traumatic event, but in this case it wasn't traumatic.

It was a Taylor Swift concert.

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Many people were relieved to know it wasn't just them.

It's all the sensory overload.

Many people talked about how it's because they were living in the moment.

Others attributed the amnesia to the high emotional state that Swift's concerts create.

Several people concurred and said they only remember half of any concerts they go to, including Swift's.

However, there were those who were incredulous about these claims.

And then, someone brought up the elephant in the mental-capacity room: Covid.

Swift's ERAS tour will continue through early August.