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Turns Out QAnon Rep. Owns Stock In Three Vaccine Companies Despite Her Anti-Vax Rantings

Turns Out QAnon Rep. Owns Stock In Three Vaccine Companies Despite Her Anti-Vax Rantings
Win McNamee/Getty Images

She rails against the COVID-19 vaccines every chance she gets, but when it comes to her finances, Republican Representative and QAnon devotee Marjorie Taylor Greene is putting her money where her mouth isn't.

Recent financial disclosures revealed that Greene has invested her money in several manufacturers of the COVID-19 vaccines she so vehemently opposes—shares of Astra Zeneca, Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer making up a chunk of her investment portfolio. (Not Moderna though—conspiracy theorists have to draw the line somewhere!)

Greene has repeatedly used her platform as a member of Congress to call out so-called "Big Pharma" and spin anti-vaxx rhetoric—including claiming that the COVID-19 vaccine is the "mark of the beast," the symbol of allegiance to Satan described in the biblical Book of Revelation.

Guess she's fine with Satan when he's making her money!

Naturally, this bit of rank hypocrisy drew no shortage of ire online, including from Greene's 2022 Republican primary opponent Jennifer Strahan.

Strahan followed her poll with a second tweet shading Greene for her hypocrisy.

She wrote:

"For those of you wondering, the correct answer is D! Our current representative rails against the vaccine, but owns stock in 3 of the 4 major vaccine manufacturers."

Greene's likely Democratic challenger Holly McCormack called Greene out on Twitter too.

It's nice to see some Republicans and Democrats finally find common ground on something, even if that thing is their distaste for Marjorie Taylor Greene.

According to her disclosures, Greene's shares in the three companies are sizable, with her AstraZeneca holdings valued from $1,001-$15,000, and her J&J and Pfizer holdings valued from 15,001-$50,000.

Which is curious, given that just this weekend, Greene used her platform yet again to denigrate the vaccines and the vaccinated and proudly proclaim her intention to never get the jab during her speech at the far-right Turning Point USA conference Americafest.

See her comments below.

Greene told the audience:

“I’m not vaccinated. And they’re going to have a hell of a time if they want to hold me down and give me a vaccine."

Okay, Marge. Whatever you say.

On Twitter, Greene's latest bit of hypocrisy inspired a lot of distaste.

Following an inquiry from website Indy100, Greene said that she does not do her own investing, and that her portfolio is managed by "a third party advisor." Let's see if her next financial disclosures show her having divested from a cause she has literally called Satanic.