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Iowa GOP Congressman Slammed After Demanding To Know If Kamala Harris Is 'Descended From Slaves'

Scott J. Ferrell/Getty Images; Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

Iowa Congressman Steve King, long known for his racially insensitive quotes and outdated opinions, was recently voted out of office.

But before he leaves, King decided to once more tweet out an incredibly racist sentiment.

Offering Vice President-elect Kamala Harris a backhanded compliment, King then asks the California Senator whether she's descended form slaves or slave owners.

What exactly is King implying here?

Why would the answer make any difference?

These questions, and so many more, remain unclear.

On Twitter, King's comments were met with incredibly strong criticism.

At one point, King tried to respond.

But Twitter didn't seem swayed by his arguments.

Many hoped that with King's days in Congress numbered, he will soon disappear from the public eye.

With a nonsensical, blatantly racist tweet is pretty much how everyone expected Steve King to exit Congress.

Thankfully, it seems voters have responded to King's racist remarks by making sure he doesn't have a national platform to publicly spout them from come January 2021.