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Steve Buscemi Won Halloween By Dressing Up As His 'How Do You Do, Fellow Kids?' Meme And Handing Out Candy

Steve Buscemi Won Halloween By Dressing Up As His 'How Do You Do, Fellow Kids?' Meme And Handing Out Candy
Rich Fury/Getty Images

We're gonna let you finish, but Steve Buscemi's Halloween costume this year was the best Halloween costume of all time.

The quirky character actor practically broke the internet when he was spotted handing out candy in front of his Brooklyn stoop this weekend, dressed as what is arguably his most iconic character.

No, not Carl Showalter from Fargo or Nucky Thompson from Boardwalk Empire, but rather 30 Rock's Lenny Wosniak, the character who has cemented Buscemi's place in the internet hall of fame with his "How do you do, fellow kids?" meme.

See photos below:

Buscemi's Wosniak was a recurring character on Tina Fey's celebrated NBC sitcom, a bumbling undercover cop who got into all sorts of hilariously dumb mishaps during the show's run.

But none of Wosniak's foibles hold a candle to his most iconic undercover investigation: When he posed as a high schooler in a red hoodie and a backward cap with a skateboard slung over his shoulder, greeting high school students with "How do you do, fellow kids?" for an extra bit of help covering the fact that he is visibly in his 50s.


The moment has since become one of the most instantly recognizable memes and GIFs on the internet, frequently employed by those of a certain age struggling to keep up with pop culture and younger generations.

Given the meme's long-running popularity, it's no surprise Buscemi's appearance on Halloween night blew several minds. One young fan, Stella Wexler Rush, spoke to The New York Post about her thrilling experience happening upon the actor while trick-or-treating with her friends.

Wexler Rush told the Post:

"We weren't sure if it was him at first... He told us that we couldn't take a photo with him unless we guessed who he was supposed to be, so we guessed … and then three of my friends got a picture."

On Twitter, people were delighted by Buscemi's perfect costume choice.

A challenge to Buscemi, if he's reading.

Next year, dress up as the wood chipper in Fargo. It's the only thing that could top this!