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Stanley President Steps Up Big For Woman Whose Cup Survived A Massive Car Fire With Ice Still Inside

After TikToker @danimarielettering revealed that her Stanley cup made it through her car being burned to a crisp, Stanley's global president offered to send her more cups—and a new car.

Screenshots of the Stanley cup in the burned out car and Stanley President Terrence Riley
@danimarielettering/TikTok; @stanleybrand/TikTok

Stanley brand tumblers just got a major marketing push after a woman showed that her Stanley cup survived a car fire.

The stainless steel cup made by the company named after its "bottle innovator" William Stanley survived the conflagration, even still containing ice–proving the effectiveness of the vacuum-insulated lidded tumbler.

TikToker Danielle–a.k.a @danimarielettering–posted a video showing the inside of her charred-beyond-recognition KIA but with her orange Stanley cup still intact.

Danielle told viewers:

“Everyone’s so concerned about if the Stanley spills."

She then yanked the cup from among the pile of melted debris and shook it to demonstrate that the rattling sound indicated that the ice inside had not melted.

She captioned the clip by tagging the tumbler company and wrote:

"Thirsty after you catch on fire? @Stanley 1913 is like no problem i gotchu."

You can see the clip here.


Thirsty after you catch on fire? @Stanley 1913 is like no problem i gotchu #fyp #carfire #accident #stanleycup

Suddenly, people were clamoring for a Stanley tumbler of their own.






In response to the viral video, Stanley President Terrence Riley posted a stitched video on TikTok, saying:

"Hey Danielle, my name is Terrance Riley, I'm the president of Stanley and we've all seen your video."
"Wow, what an ordeal and we're all really glad you're safe."
"Thanks for sharing the video, because, wow, it really shows how Stanley, our Stanleys, are built for life."

But his message came with a plot twist.

"Because of what it went through with you, I couldn't think of a better example of our product's quality," Riley continued.
"But anyway, we're glad you're safe. I've seen a lot of comments that we should send you some Stanleys."
"Well, we're gonna send you some Stanleys, but there's one more thing.'

He continued:

"We've never done this before, and we'll probably never do it again, but we'd love to replace your vehicle."
"All of us at Stanley, we'd really like to replace your vehicle."

Riley closed out the video by telling Danielle to check her DMs for details.

"Thanks. Be safe. Cheers."

Social media users were blown away by the gesture.

Danielle's cup appeared to be the Adventure Quencher H2.0 Flowstate Tumbler, which is made with recycled stainless steel and can stay iced for 48 hours.

The company's website shared stories from customers praising the merchandise with similar survival stories they refer to as "Stanleyness."

One customer named Greg Gillard shared his anecdote involving his resilient Stanley thermos.

“My mother bought me my Stanley thermos in 1979 when I joined the plumbing trade," he said.

"I was working in Maryland years ago and the hotel I was staying at had a freak gas explosion and burnt down to the ground."
"I was not there at the time, but all my belongings were. I lost everything I had on me there."
"After the fire was put out and the rubble sifted through, the only thing left standing, basically untouched? My Stanley thermos."

He added:

“I’ve used that thermos every day since then. It’s not green anymore and has quite a few dents, but still keeps my coffee piping hot all day, every day."
"I use it at work and when I am hunting or fishing. It is very seldom not with me. It joined the workforce with me and it is going to retire with me!”

An anonymous happy customer shared:

“This is short and sweet: My husband unknowingly dropped his thermos under his truck."
"He then rolled over it with all 18 wheels, loaded at 80,000 lbs. When he noticed it was gone, he backed up to find it - rolling over it again!"
“When he got out of the truck, he pulled out the thermos - which only had minor scratches on it! He poured out steaming hot coffee that had been there for at least 8 hours.”

Now that's what we call a superior product. Well done, Stanley!