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Former Spirit Halloween Employee Reveals Why She'll Never Buy A Mask There—And We Get It

TikToker @dankmemeroyalty explained how she witnessed people take off masks and be 'dripping in sweat' before someone else would try it on with no disinfecting in between.

TikTok screenshot of @dankmemeroyalty; Spirit Halloween storefront
@dankmemeroyalty/TikTok; Gado/Getty Images

A former employee of Spirit Halloween revealed why she refuses to buy masks at the seasonal retail chain, and, well, now we may never either.

TikToker @dankmemeroyalty explained in under 60 seconds that over the course of her employment with the company, she repeatedly witnessed customers trying on masks before cleaning or disinfecting them without even considering that others "dripping in sweat" had previously tried them on, as well.

She captioned the video:

"It feels like common sense but please make sure to disinfect the things you buy bc you never know if someone wore it and put it back, or if they purchased it, wore it, then returned it."

The creator went on to explain:

“The masks? I was not getting paid to disinfect masks."

She continued that she was often stuck behind the cash register ringing up purchases, too busy to leave the area to clean the tested masks, anyway.

“You know what’s crazy? A mask would be worn by like minimum five people a day before it was bought."

She continued, elaborating on what she frequently observed:

“They get their snot in there. They sneeze. They cough. They laugh. They talk."

@dankmemeroyalty added text that said:

"I'd see people take masks off and their whole heads would be dripping in sweat."
"And then, of course, the mask would go back on the shelf and then another kid would do the same thing in the same mask."

You can watch the TikTok below.


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Some viewers shared, to their dismay, they just learned something new.





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While the video does make our skin crawl a bit, it definitely came at the perfect time.

Clean those masks, guys!