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People Are Just Now Learning About A Southern Tradition Involving Peanuts And Coke--And No One Knows What To Make Of It

Photos by Siraphol Siricharattakul/EyeEm/Tetra Images

Many traditions we can trace back to their origins like the pairing of french fries and ketchup, or why we kiss under mistletoe but one strange food and drink pairing has people scratching their heads and asking, "How did we get here?"

No one really knows who came up with this pairing or how they convinced others to try it, but one thing we know is people in the south have been putting peanuts in their cokes since the 1920's. Some say farmers would put peanuts in their coke so they could have a snack and a drink at the same time while continuing to work in the fields.

Regardless of how it began, it's been around long enough that someone came up with a coca-cola cake with peanut frosting recipe to mimic the taste.

Still, folks on Twitter can't quite wrap their noggins around these southern shenanigans,

Even folks from the south aren't buying it.

But others swear by it.

Some folks aren't from the south or even America and they are doing it.

And it wasn't just peanuts and cola that brought back the memories, folks started remembering all kinds of stuff.

Yes, chocolate gravy is a thing!

And how about those Kool-aid soaked pickles?

We imagine there are many more where this came from.

H/T: Twitter Moments, Serious Eats