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Someone Stole Nearly $100,000 Worth Of Ramen In Georgia Heist—And People Have Lots Of Questions 🕵️

Photo by Dorann Webber via Getty Images

Could a modern day Robin Hood be feeding college students for the next 100 years?

A very bizarre crime took place that has people scratching their heads, and getting a bit hungry in the process. A truck driver in Fayette County, Georgia reported that his 53-foot trailer full of ramen noodles was stolen from a local gas station sometime between July 25 and August 1.

The victim told police he had permission to park the trailer at the gas station and when he returned someone had hooked it up and haul it away with nearly $100, 000 worth of ramen inside.

So far there are no clues leading to the capture of the noodley crooks.


Twitter had some ideas.

While some guessed at who did it others were like...

Just how many noodles is that?

Which only deepened the mystery,

Folks were determined to figure out exactly how much ramen this was.

There may be no end to this mystery.

H/T: USA Today, Mashable