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'The Simpsons' Basically Predicted The Pandemic And Murder Hornets All In One Episode From 1993

'The Simpsons' Basically Predicted The Pandemic And Murder Hornets All In One Episode From 1993

Once again, The Simpsons did it.

In keeping with their penchant for predicting oddly specific bits of future reality, it would appear that a 1993 episode totally nailed 2020's vibe so far: Rampant disease and flying murderbugs.

The episode didn't go so far as nailing the name or that it was a novel virus—or that the murderbugs would be hornets, not killer bees. But it came unnervingly close.

The episode in question,"Marge In Chains", features a disease plaguing the citizens of Springfield. The public panic, make unreasonable demands and just make things worse for themselves.

Dumb cures are tried—like shooting the disease, for instance.

Inept and corrupt leaders do what inept and corrupt leaders do ... like take vacations, deny that anything is happening, and spin things for their own purposes.

Kids (and lame a** sitcom-style spouses) are home testing the sanity of mothers everywhere. Shopping becomes a stressful nightmare.

Also there are murderous stinging insects flying around.

Sound familiar?

Twitter certainly thought so.

One person posted a snippet from the episode that really caught people's attention.

So the reviews are in.

2020 sucks and the fact that The Simpsons keeps hitting so close to reality is seriously cause for concern.

Who do we write to about this? Is there a petition? Does 2020 have a manager the Karens can speak to?

'Cause this is lame.

Look we don't know what deal The Simpsons writers have going on with what deity that allows them to time travel or be psychic or whatever. What we do know if we are really hoping some of the happier episodes start coming true.

We could all use it right now what with the pandemic and the murder hornets. But if the show's plot (and 2020's "mood" so far) are any indication then we should probably base for alien invasion.

Wait, didn't the government just confirm some UFO footage or something?


2020 is wild so far, friends.


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