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George Santos Just Introduced A Vaccine Bill Named After Nicki Minaj–And Hoo Boy

GOP Rep. George Santos has introduced 'The Minaj Act' to establish a development time for new vaccines, based on Minaj's viral anti-vax tweet.

George Santos; Nikki Minaj
Saul Loeb/AFP via Getty Images; Steven Ferdman/WireImage/Getty Images

Controversial New York Republican Representative George Santos introduced seven new bills, including one dubbed “The Minaj Act” aimed at boosting public confidence in new vaccines.

Santos previously made headlines for his many lies.

The act was named after rapper Nicki Minaj, who made headlines in 2021 for her skepticism over COVID-19 vaccines.

In September 2021, Minaj caught COVID-19 but still refused to get vaccinated.

This lead to a Twitter tirade in which she advised her followers to wear masks and research vaccines before getting one.

Her comments and skepticism about vaccines was criticized by medical professionals and health organizations.

Santos’ decision to name a bill after Minaj may also be seen as a cynical attempt to distract from his own controversies.

Minaj’s comments about the COVID-19 vaccine caused a stir during the pandemic, with the rapper claiming that her cousin’s friend became “impotent” after getting vaccinated.

Her comments were later debunked by Dr. Anthony Fauci, who at the time was head of the White House's COVID-19 Task Force.

Santos’ announcement and new bills come at a time when he is facing multiple allegations and charges.

He has admitted to lying about his education, work history, and even his religion.

In addition, he recently reached a plea deal in a 2008 check fraud case in Brazil and is currently under investigation by the House Ethics Committee for alleged illegal campaign activity, conflict-of-interest violations, and sexual misconduct against an ex-staffer.

Despite these allegations, Santos remains defiant and determined to stay in office, describing himself as “a fighter who knows the district and can serve the people fearlessly.” This delusional attitude has been met with criticism from lawmakers from both parties, who have called for his resignation.

Santos blocked comments on his Twitter but retweeted a supporter praising his introduction of The Minaj Act.

Others have mocked his attempts to deflect from his scandals.

Santos’ announcement and new bills, including “The Minaj Act,” are likely to draw criticism and scrutiny, given his own controversies and Minaj’s controversial views on vaccines.

It remains to be seen whether Santos will be successful in his bid for re-election. He has been challenged by Josh Lafazan, who generated more support for his campaign to unseat Santos after Santos mocked his appearance.

Despite this opposition, Santos has made it clear that he will not resign early and has already submitted the necessary paperwork in March to run for re-election in 2024.

When asked by CNN about his support for Santos' candidacy, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy responded with a chuckle and stated he "wasn't aware" Santos "had declared." The GOP leader went on to say he will "wait" to see who else files their candidacy.