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GOP Candidate Trolled After Throwing Tantrum Over Children's Book About 'Santa's Husband'

GOP Candidate Trolled After Throwing Tantrum Over Children's Book About 'Santa's Husband'
@EllenTroxclair/Twitter; KXAN/YouTube

A Texas Republican candidate Congress has become one of Twitter's latest laughinstocks after having a meltdown on the platform over a LGBTQ-themed children's book about Santa Claus, who it bears reminding is not a real person, being married to a man.

Ellen Troxclair, a former member of the Austin City Council who is running for a House seat, spied the children's book in a store and immediately took to Twitter to clutch her pearls about "the children" and "the leftist agenda."

See her tweet below:

Troxclair tweeted:

"You can no longer walk though the Christmas children's section of a bookstore with your kids without being bombarded with inappropriate content -featured by staff who want to 'make people' read it."
"Why does there have to be a leftist agenda to EVERYTHING everywhere all the time?"


So much outrage over a thing Troxclair could simply choose to ignore and leave to people who do want to purchase it, as provided for by the free market economy to which her party is so worshipfully devoted.

Even more absurd was Troxclair seemed particularly vexed by a quip the bookstore included on its note card recommending the book.

It read:

"Merrilee really, really, really loves 'Santa's Husband' because: ... I can make people let me read it to them..."

The very notion of this seemed to make Troxclair lose her cool, despite the fact that it is obviously a joke. What is Merrilee gonna do, strap people to cinder blocks so they can't escape while she reads them a book about a gay Santa Clausโ€”who, again, is a fictional person?

If Troxclair got this up in arms about a joke, imagine how she'd have responded if she'd realized the Black man on the book's cover isn't Santa's husband, but rather Santa himself.


As you night guess, people on Twitter immediately seized on Troxclair's absurd "what about the children?!?!" panic attack over the "leftist agenda" of a book that has been out since 2017 andโ€”we cannot stress this enoughโ€”is about a fictional person.

Chief among those pointing and laughing at Troxclair was the book's author, comedian and writer Daniel Kibblesmith.

Kibblesmith also thanked Troxclair for boosting Santa's Husband's 2021 sales with her "free commercial" for the book.

And before long, Troxclair's attempt to spark outrage had backfired and inspired celebration instead.

We wish Troxclair a speedy recovery from whatever injury she thinks she has sustained as a result of this book existing.