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A Stunned Pat Sajak Jokingly Walks Off Set After Third 'Wheel Of Fortune' $100k Winner In A Row

A Stunned Pat Sajak Jokingly Walks Off Set After Third 'Wheel Of Fortune' $100k Winner In A Row
Wheel of Fortune/Twitter

Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak made headlines this week after walking off set live on the show.

Sajak, 75, felt he had to remove himself from set after—get this—the third $100,000 grand prize win in a row.

The historic win happened when two Wheel of Fortune contestants both won the grand prize of $100,000 within the same week.

Furthermore, the two back-to-back wins occurred not just in the same week—which is a Wheel of Fortune first to begin with—but on consecutive nights: Monday and Tuesday.

However, records were shattered even further when the Wednesday night winner won the same $100,000 prize—the first ever Wheel of Fortune trifecta in history.

Watch the video here:

Coming into the Wednesday night game, Sajak had been humorously speculating at the idea of a third-streak win.

He joked:

“Monday we gave away $100,000 in the bonus round. Yesterday we gave away $100,000 in the bonus round. So because of budgetary considerations, rather than cash, we're playing for luncheon meats tonight.”

Sajak even quipped that after two back-to-back wins, the show was running out of confetti.

Contestant Bree Yokouchi made Sajak eat his words, however, when she solved the puzzle "just you wait" and pulled off the third major historic win in a row.

Sajak, in awe over the extremely unlikely three time consecutive win streak, jokingly walked off set in response.

He said, throwing his card in the air:

“I'm outta here."
“That's it. I'm through.”

Twitter users are in awe over the historic win streak.

After the show, Sajak sat down with his daughter, singer Maggie Sajak, who asked him about the chances of a fourth consecutive win. She shared the video on social media.

He responded:

“That would be ridiculous."
“That would be virtually impossible.”