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Another Photo Of Ben Affleck Looking 'Sick Of Life' Just Resurfaced—And It's An Instant Classic

A 9-year-old paparazzi photo of the actor looking tired while holding a cup of Starbucks coffee has resurfaced to join a long list of meme-worthy 'sad Affleck' images.

Ben Affleck
thecelebrityfinder/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

An old paparazzi picture of actor Ben Affleck has resurfaced and gone viral recently, the newest in a series of memes centered around "sad Affleck."

The relatable "sad Affleck" memes started in 2016 during Affleck's Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice press tour and have continued sporadically ever since.

While many of the earlier memes showed Affleck smoking and looking done with the world, this image had Dunkin Donuts fans in an uproar, as it pictured him carrying a Starbucks to-go cup in one hand, rubbing his eye with the other.

Almost immediately, people saw themselves in the new meme.

People asked how Boston was feeling about this new (old) image.

A lot of the commenters wondered why Affleck, who has a Dunkin' Donuts endorsement deal, was carrying Starbucks.

The photo was actually taken in the 2010s, way before Affleck's Dunkin' deal, but this is a good theory.

People thanked the poster for giving them a new-to-them meme to use.

Some folks pointed out that Affleck can't look even vaguely tired without it becoming a meme.

So, there's a new meme in town for anyone looking to properly convey how absolutely exhausted they are!