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Man Arrested After Murdering Five People For Talking Too Loud Outside His Home Following Lockdown Order

Man Arrested After Murdering Five People For Talking Too Loud Outside His Home Following Lockdown Order

Is the quarantine getting to you?

Making you a bit edgy, irritable, anxious?

No matter how poorly you're handling all this, you're doing far better than a man in Russia who shot and killed five people this week for talking loudly outside his apartment.

The incident occurred April 4 in the town of Yelatma, in the Rayazan region of Western Russia, approximately 124 miles east of Moscow.

The area is currently under lockdown due to the ongoing pandemic.

According to local police, the altercation began around 10:00 pm with the man complaining to the group of five from his balcony. He then pulled out a shotgun and opened fire. All five victims were pronounced dead at the scene.

As local police described the incident (translated from Russian):

"...there was a verbal conflict between them, as a result of which the man took a registered single-barrel smooth-bore hunting gun located in his apartment, went out into the porch and fired shots at four young men and a woman. From the wounds they all died at the scene."

The suspect has been detained and witnesses are being interviewed.

The weapon used has also been seized during a search of the suspect's apartment. Included in the five victims were a young newlywed couple, Evgeny and Kristina Tabunov.

On social media, people were understandably shaken by the incident which many took as an indication of how the ongoing quarantines are affecting people's psyches.

While others were in disbelief that murder would be the result of something so petty.

There were also people who considered the murders justified, which horrified others.

Let's take this as a lesson about the importance of self-care and making sure we're doing all we can to maintain our mental health during this stressful experience.

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