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Rush Limbaugh's Death Certificate Contains A Boast That Has Critics Groaning

Win McNamee/Getty Images

In a move reminiscent of former President Donald Trump, Rush Limbaugh's death certificate appears to contain a brag worthy of an eyeroll.

According to TMZ, who are in possession of a copy of Limaugh's death certificate, Limbaugh was labeled as the "GREATEST RADIO HOST OF ALL TIME" under the "occupation, industry" tab.

Limbaugh died in February from lung cancer after a conservative talk radio career that saw him perform several reprehensible acts, including making fun of the deaths of AIDS victims in the 80s.

Some of Limbaugh's final moments on the air were spent enhancing the Republican Party's "Big Lie," claiming President Joe Biden and the Democrats stole the election.

He also endorsed the violence at the United States Capitol.

Regardless of what Limbaugh's death certificate says, people familiar with his career, such as The Huffington Post, memorialized him as the "bigoted king of talk radio," who "saturated America's airwaves with cruel bigotries, lies and conspiracy theories for over three decades."

No text on a piece of paper can outshine that legacy.