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Rudy Giuliani Exclaims That 'Truth Isn't Truth'—And It's The Trump Administration In A Nutshell

Rudy Giuliani Exclaims That 'Truth Isn't Truth'—And It's The Trump Administration In A Nutshell
'Meet the Press' video

Every now and then, a political figure says something that perfectly encapsulates the moment.

Like "We've nothing to fear but fear itself," or, "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country." And yesterday, America's Mayor™ gave us the the perfect commemoration of the Trump era.

Chatting with Chuck Todd on "Meet the Press" yesterday, the President's lawyer explained why his client hasn't cooperated with the Mueller investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election: because he and his team fear President Trump might get "trapped into perjury."

Now I'm not a lawyer, so bear with me here, but it seems to me a good way to avoid being "trapped into perjury" is to just not commit perjury.


Clearly though, none of us know nearly as much as Rudy Giuliani, who went on to say: "When you tell me that, you know, he should testify because he's gonna tell the truth and he shouldn't worry, well that's so silly because it's somebody's version of the truth, not the truth."


Chuck Todd, who who decided to give the common sense argument a try, retorted with:

"Truth is truth."

You know, because it is.


Unless you're asking Giuliani.

"No, it isn't truth. Truth isn't truth," Giuliani hollered.


It's tough to top Kellyanne Conway's infamous "Alternative facts," but in not even trying to make any sense or even hue towards reality, "Truth isn't truth" does what that quote never could.

For his part, Chuck Todd seemed a bit shocked, remarking, "This is going to be a bad meme."

And of course, he wasn't wrong. Social media blew up with reactions ranging from shocked, to angry...

And of course, to absurd:

Some used the phrase as a new spin on "Opposite Day":

One thing is undeniable though: this administration brings a creativity to Washington that we've never seen before!

H/T Mashable, Politico