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Rudy Giuliani Says He's 'A Phenom' When Asked About His 'State Of Mind' Despite Several Recent Gaffes

Rudy Giuliani Says He's 'A Phenom' When Asked About His 'State Of Mind' Despite Several Recent Gaffes

Rudy Giuliani is having a heck of a year.

Having appeared on countless news programs spreading conspiracy theories, admitting to crimes and acting generally unhinged, the former New York Mayor is now under investigation by the FBI for potential money laundering and fraud.

Don't worry, though!

Giuliani insists he's a "phenom" who's at the top of his game.

This past Monday, November 23, Olivia Nuzzi published an article in New York Magazine titled "A Reporter's Guide to Texting With Rudy Giuliani." In it, she describes the bizarre, borderline incoherent process of contacting the President's personal lawyer.

On occasion, Giuliani has been known to butt dial random reporters. NBC's Rich Shapiro received a 3-minute voicemail from Giuliani who inadvertently let Shapiro in on a conversation concerning his financial difficulties and anger with Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Another reporter from Salon was reportedly texted what appeared to be a password from Giuliani.

The mayor brushed this off as an accident when asked about it.

Giuliani's behavior on live television almost goes without mentioning at this point.

Rudy Giuliani's wild week of television

Despite all of these incidents plus many more, Giuliani insists he's a "high-functioning" human being who's putting his opponents to shame.

He told Nuzzi:

"I am a high functioning human being able to outwork people half my age. Compared to Biden and [House Speaker Nancy] Pelosi, I'm a phenom."

In other news, Giuliani recently announced the President would never betray him because he has an "insurance plan" ensuring Trump's support.

When asked about his obvious implication that he had incriminating evidence regarding Trump, Giuliani claimed his earlier statement was "sarcastic."

So this is definitely a guy that's firing on all cylinders.

The country is in good hands, folks.

The book Grand Illusion: The Untold Story of Rudy Giuliani and 9/11 is available here.