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Rose McGowan Hit With Backlash After Saying Democrats Are In A 'Deep Cult' On Fox News

Rose McGowan Hit With Backlash After Saying Democrats Are In A 'Deep Cult' On Fox News
Fox News

Rose McGowan went on Fox News to say Democrats are in a cult.

The former Charmed actress compared what she saw with her own experience in an actual cult.

A controversial figure, McGowan was criticized for accepting a $100,000 payment from a famed Hollywood producer in 1997, then portraying herself in the press as a lone crusader who took him down 20 years later. But prior to articles published by The New York Times accusing the Hollywood mogul of years of assaults and abuse in 2017, McGowan maintained the silence bought for $100,000.

In recent years, McGowan is best known for attacking other women activists, advocates and survivors online for failing to meet her expectations.

Now she is taking her attacks to Fox News.

On Fox News, McGowan explained to Tammy Bruce her issues with the political left, especially lately, even saying she no longer considered herself a Democrat.

McGowan explained her time in the Children of God cult gave her the clarity to see the propaganda in the U.S., singling out the Democratic party.

She claimed:

"The left can harm people just as much as the right if they go very, very deep into it, and ignore all other aspects of kind of reality."
"You're serving a master that might not be serving you."

She said those supporting the Democrats are in a "deep cult."

With such harsh words about Democrats, McGowan later claimed she has no love for the GOP, but she's less likely to engage with them.

She said:

"I leave the Republicans alone more because I do respect people more that are like 'This is what we are. This is what we're about. This is what we're against.'"
"Whereas I find the Democrats are really pretty much against almost all the same things."

People still weren't particularly supportive of McGowan's latest attack on liberals and progressives or the platform she chose to do it on.

They were also very critical of the fact McGowan was receiving support from right-wing personalities.

Many progressives agree the party focuses more on "Vote Blue no matter who" despite coming at the cost of their preferred progressive or far-left candidates.

But going on Fox News to give right-wing pundits like Charlie Kirk, Ben Shapiro and Dinesh D'Souza fodder will rarely be seen in a positive light by progressives or members of the far-left.

But some Democrats and progressive liberals have earned praise for their Fox News appearances.

Bernie Sanders went on a town hall hosted by the network to speak directly to the Fox audience about progressive ideas and found more support than one might have expected. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has appeared on Fox News several times as a spokesperson for the Biden administration objectives. And earlier this month, John Stewart advocated for veterans while artfully dodging the bait the Fox host tried to use.