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Fox News Host Tries To Bait Jon Stewart Into Criticizing Biden's Infrastructure Bill—And He Isn't Having It

Fox News

On Tuesday, April 13, comedian Jon Stewart appeared on Fox News to advocate for veterans exposed to "burn pits" while in the line of duty.

During his interview with Martha MacCallum, the Fox host attempted to bait Stewart into saying President Joe Biden's infrastructure bill was too big, but Stewart wasn't having it.

MacCallum attempted to make the point Biden's new infrastructure bill was taking money away from potential veteran aid programs like the one Stewart was proposing.

"You know, you see the trillions that we're talking about spending for a lot of different things right now, for COVID, for infrastructure. How does that make you feel about what you're pushing for here?"

Stewart, however, was unmoved by MacCallum's point.

He noted issues of sweeping national infrastructure required more money to implement.

"Listen, just even at the Pentagon, you're talking about $750 billion, $800 billion a year...[it takes a] fraction of that to implement the care and benefits that these folks have already earned."

Stewart doesn't see why we can't pass President Biden's infrastructure plan while also making sure our veterans are properly cared for.

Aside from that one awkward moment, the rest of Stewart's interview seemed to go off without a hitch—a testament to the comedian's ability to make straightforward, cogent arguments to any audience.

Stewart, who has spent much of his time post-retirement advocating for veterans and 9-11 first responders, received a wave of admiration from Twitter.

When it comes to talking on television, Jon Stewart can't be beaten.

With any luck, Stewart's appearance will help veterans exposed to "burn pits" gain access to support.

Those who have put their lives in danger serving our country deserve to be protected in return.