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Rihanna Has Pitch-Perfect Response After Fan Assumes Her New Skincare Line Is Only For Women

Rihanna Has Pitch-Perfect Response After Fan Assumes Her New Skincare Line Is Only For Women
Gareth Cattermole/BFC/Getty Images

After her wildly successful Fenty Beauty cosmetics line, pop star and general Queen of the Universe Rihanna is set to launch a new skincare line, and the internet is counting down the seconds until its release.

Rihanna took to social media this week to announce the July 31st launch date of Fenty Skin, and, of course, fans went crazy –including a few men who lamented that Fenty Skin was only for women and wouldn't include a men's skincare line.

One man tweeted:

"if rihanna come out with fenty skincare line for men i'm changing my middle name to Robyn"

And Rihanna had the best possible response.

Rihanna cheekily wrote:

"Whoever told you skincare has a gender, LIED to you! Hi Robyn!"

Gender constructs? Not in 2020, and not at Fenty, Inc.!

And just in case anyone was unclear, Rihanna responded to another man, too.

And this is why she's an icon.

Fans have been waiting with bated breath for Rihanna to drop Fenty Beauty ever since eagle-eyed fans clocked a trademark filing back in March of 2019. Details, of course, aren't known just yet, but according to BuzzFeed News, the trademark filing includes six products, called Total Cleans'r, Buff Ryder, Instant Reset, Fat Water, Flash Nap, and Hydra Vizor.

Rihanna is known for secretive wordplay in her trademark filings, though, so what sort of products these names point to is a mystery we'll have to wait until July 31st to solve.

In the meantime, Riri has been all over social media announcing the big launch, including an Instagram video that as of this writing has racked up more than three million views in 24 hrs.

And on Twitter, people are chomping at the bit to get their hands on the new line.

Fenty Skin is only the latest edition of Rihanna's eponymous fashion empire: in addition to Fenty Beauty, she also has a lingerie line, Savage X Fenty, and her own fashion label, a partnership with LVMH called Fenty.