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Christian TV Host Absurdly Claims COVID Vaccine Injects Eggs That Hatch Into 'Synthetic Parasites'

Christian TV Host Absurdly Claims COVID Vaccine Injects Eggs That Hatch Into 'Synthetic Parasites'

Christian TV host Rick Wiles claimed the COVID-19 vaccine injects eggs into the body that hatch into "synthetic parasites."

Wiles made the claim in a recent episode of his online show TruNews, where he regularly traffics in anti-semitism, anti-LGBTQ+ slurs, End Times prophecy and conspiracy theories.

Wiles also claimed the vaccine and its "eggs" are part of a "global coup d'etat by the most evil cabal of people ... in the history of mankind."

See the clip below.

Even in the context of the many bizarre COVID-19 conspiracy theories that have already been with us since the dawning of the pandemic, Wiles' claims are shockingly unhinged.

As he told his viewers:

"They're planting – they're putting eggs in people's bodies..."
"It's an egg that hatches into a synthetic parasite. It grows inside your body.
"This is like a sci-fi nightmare. And it's happening in front of us."
"If it's not stopped in the very near future, they will win. That's what at stake. Control of the world."

Wiles has been making conspiratorial claims since the pandemic began. He has blamed the virus on everyone from China and Jewish people to the LGBTQ community and Satan.

He also called the vaccine a "mass death campaign," claiming it would kill 70% of people who got it--an outcome he celebrated by also claiming it will make for a "better world" because "only stupid people" will take the vaccine and die.

Wiles was himself hospitalized with the virus in June. While he blamed his case on vaccinated people "shedding the virus," a claim that has absolutely no validity whatsoever, his colleague Lauren Witzke claimed he was given the virus by Satan as retaliation for speaking out against the LGBTQ community.

On Twitter, Wiles' unhinged nonsense left many people deeply disturbed.

Of course, some couldn't help but laugh at the absurdity...

...especially since Wiles' claim isn't that far off from the plot of the movie Alien.

Despite the dangerous absurdity of his programming, Wiles was granted press credentials during former Republican President Donald Trump's administration, legitimizing his disinformation outlet to its hundreds of thousands of viewers.