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Resurfaced Clip From '90s Kids Show Featuring A Scarecrow Come To Life Is Pure Nightmare Fuel

Resurfaced Clip From '90s Kids Show Featuring A Scarecrow Come To Life Is Pure Nightmare Fuel

Most kid shows are lighthearted and fun, which is why the internet is going crazy over a horrifying clip from the Australian television series Round the Twist. The series, despite being targeted for young children, is well known for traumatizing kids back when it aired in the 1990s.

Round the Twist is based on supernatural short stories centered around the Twist family whose misfortune has them residing in a haunted lighthouse. The show features bizarre storylines such as a tree impregnating a child after it was urinated on.

However, social media netizens can't get enough of a clip from the episode "Know All," which showcases what can only be described as one of the most terrifying scarecrows to ever exist.

See full clip below:

Upon viewing the clip, two oddities immediately become apparent.

First, the character of Linda is wearing heavy makeup done in a peculiar way to convey that she is a young girl. Second, the scarecrow, upon seeing Linda, wags its tongue before stalking her down and breaking into her house.

As the episode continues, the chase culminates with the scarecrow eventually finding Linda and dragging her out from under a bed. Certainly, this programming was almost assured to give its young viewers a terrible night of sleep.

Twitter has since produced a litany of tweets from 90s children who were emotionally scarred by the series.

Meanwhile, others seem to have reveled in the show's content.

It's safe to say that the show had a unique appeal to some viewers. However, a better understanding of the developing brain has made it more unlikely that this type of television will be marketed to children now.

Child psychologists recommend against exposing kids to TV programs that contain content classified as extreme.

This is due to the fact that we know children's brains are highly "plastic," meaning the development of core neural pathways is much more dynamic in children than it is in adults. This makes children more susceptible to the development of disorders when exposed to a traumatic stimulus.

While conventional wisdom suggests that exposing children to frightening stimuli helps to make them emotionally stronger, this is only true when they are taught to cope with these feelings upon exposure. Otherwise, such instances can strengthen fear pathways in the brain, increasing a child's risk for anxiety disorder.

Anxiety researcher and University of Toronto Professor Min Zhuo recommends that parents exhibit caution with TV exposure.

“Younger brains are more plastic, thus, the negative impact (of watching something scary) will be more dramatic. This can have a long-term, negative impact on brains."

Needless to say, maybe it's best for Gen Alpha kids to skip the Round the Twist reruns.