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Former Restaurant Server Explains Why She 'Will Not Eat' At Applebee's In Eye-Opening Viral TikTok

The popular chain restaurant is just one of the places TikToker refuses to dine at.

TikTok screenshots of

TikToker, who claims she was a server "for years," created a video calling out all the places she would never eat.

In the video, she specifically names the restaurant chain Applebees as a place she will not eat:

"People love this place, and if you love, you eat it, ok?"
"But I'm telling you, the cooks do an incredible job. It's a hard job, and they fry, they cook, and you know, they grill, great."
"But the food that they're being sent by corporate is not quality food."
"Everything is frozen. Everything is in baggies."
"They're forced to microwave certain things for time because they're not given the equipment that they need."

She finishes:

"It's just..."
"Yeah, not Applebees. No."

You can watch the video below.

We all have our guilty pleasures though. So you do you, bb 😘 #serverlife #restaurants #serverstories #whatiwouldntdo

Viewers completely agreed, some even sharing their own experiences. goes on to share that she won't eat at a place where the floor is "disgusting."

"Any place that you look at the floor, and the floor is gross..."
"If a place can't clean its floor or keep its booth seats clean for example, it's not a place you should be eating."
"So if the bathroom's dirty, the floor's dirty, perhaps consider somewhere else unless you know you love the food and you're willing to risk it."

Her video has been viewed more than 478,000 times.