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Activist Fired From Job Canvassing For Republicans After She's Caught Stealing Woman's Cat

Activist Fired From Job Canvassing For Republicans After She's Caught Stealing Woman's Cat

For Karen Bloom of Garner, North Carolina, the 2020 election just got personal.

Put healthcare, pandemic response, economic recovery and social justice aside for just one second and consider the latest development in Bloom's political life.

A paid activist canvassing for Republican votes came to her door and stole her cat.

Bloom, a travel agent, was working for home when the canvasser arrived and heisted her four-legged friend.

She told WRAL how harmlessly the ordeal began:

"I was upstairs in my office, on the phone. I peeped out."
"I saw Sugar Baby follow her, and I chuckled to myself and said, 'Oh, Sugar Baby has a new friend'."

But things took a turn when the canvasser scooped up Sugar Baby.

According to WRAL, security footage from Bloom's neighbor across the street captured the moment the canvasser picked up the cat, hopped into her car and drove off.

Bloom, who saw the whole thing, kicked into high gear.

"Of course, I panicked.I jumped in my car with my cat sitter, Grace."

After cruising around with eyes peeled for Sugar Baby, Bloom began to lose hope:

"I was a mess. I just kept thinking the worst things possible."

In a last ditch effort, Bloom called the Republican Party headquarters of Wake County, where Garner is located. The GOP began the search.

It turned out the canvasser worked for an organization called Stampede America, a national group that hires people to knock on the doors of registered Republicans who still haven't voted.

Stampede America eventually tracked down the canvasser in question, recovered Sugar Baby, and fired her—the canvasser, not the cat.

Bloom was over the moon when she and Sugar Baby were reunited.

"Oh my gosh I was so happy. She snuggled right up to me...I really never thought I'd see her again."

Both Stampede America and the Wake County Republican Party did not respond to WRAL's requests for comment.

People on social media, however, were full of commentary.

John Broome/Facebook

Cliff Alexander/Facebook

And when the NY Post picked up the story, even more people weighed in.

We're just glad that Bloom and Sugar Baby will be together when the results roll in during election night.