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Reporter's Bizarre 'Little Rascals' Question At Press Conference For Arrest Of Escaped Convict Goes Viral

The reporter's question about law enforcement's 'concern' about escaped convict Danelo Cavalcante involved a bizarre 'The Little Rascals' twist.

Lietuenant Colonel George Bivans of Pennsylvania State Police holding a press conference
Mark Makela/Getty Images

A question from a reporter referencing The Little Rascals—a 1920s series of comedy short films—raised eyebrows at a press conference briefing on the recapture of escaped killer Danelo Cavalcante.

A two-week manhunt came to an end after Cavalcante was found in a wooded area in rural Pennsylvania approximately 30 miles from Chester County Prison where he managed to escape by climbing up between two walls.

Hours after the fugitive was back in custody, Pennsylvania State Police Lieutenant Colonel George Bivens held a conference detailing how Cavalcante was apprehended by tactical teams thanks to the use of FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared) technology locating his heat source.

But one unidentified reporter pressed Bivens more about how the murderer was able to evade authorities for two weeks, and his inquiry suggested it had something to do with Cavalcante being short.

Lieutenant Colonel Bivens was asked:

“Was there any concern he would team up with another small man to step inside of a trench coat, ’Little Rascals’-style?"

Bivens took a moment, stared at the reporter, and shut down any notion of histrionics involved with the killer who was previously on the loose by replying, "No."

You can watch the moment here.

Also known as Our Gang, The Little Rascals was created by film producer Hal Roach, who also produced the Laurel and Hardy films.

The black and white film shorts—which started in 1922 as a silent short subject series until it was introduced with sound in 1929— chronicled a group of poor neighborhood children and their wild antics.

An example of what the reporter specifically may have referred to was this trench coat scene from the 1994 film adaptation of the series of the same name.

The Little Rascals (1994) - Taking Out a Loan Scene (5/10) |

While Bevins appeared unamused by the reporter, users on X (formerly Twitter) gave him props.

Users were hoping for a different turnout.

The journalistic hero eventually came forward claiming to be the unseen reporter heard in the viral video.

The reporter, who is allegedly a podcaster named Michael Rainey, wrote a post on X, saying:

"I had to attend the Danelo Cavalcante press conference because I knew no one else would ask the questions that needed to be asked."

He added that he was shown the door without drama.

"Also, they were very polite in asking me to leave."

The revelation prompted cheers.

Can a stupid question verge on brilliance?

It looks like we got our answer.