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Reporter's Flub About Potential Cause Of Plane Crash Is Straight Out Of 'Back To The Future' 😂

Boston 25 News video, Jeff Golden-Getty Images

Kathryn Burcham a field reporter with Boston 25 news was on-air reporting a story live about a recent plane crash when she said something that really caught viewers attention.

Describing the recent crash, Burcham says the pilot of the plane, Jacor Haselden, told her a faulty "flux-capacitor" was to blame. Haselden was the only person on the plane and survived with minor injuries.

Many viewers were quick to point out a flux-capacitor was the key component of the time traveling DeLorean in the classic film series Back To The Future. Now people are wondering why the pilot didn't go back in time and prevent the crash from happening in the first place.

It is unclear if Haselden told Burcham it was the flux-capacitor as a joke or if she misunderstood. Some people are guessing he may have said "flux gate compass" and Burcham simply had a slip of the tongue. Either that or she is a huge Dr. Brown fan.

To be fair, reporters may cover numerous topics in a short amount of time, so it's easy to how a mistake can happen. Of course that doesn't mean Twitter is cutting her any slack.

Even other reporters were taking shots.

And then there was this sad reminder.

But for some it was the great start of a day.

We imagine this reporter wouldn't mind a time machine right now.

H/T: Mashable, New York Post