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A Wrinkle in Time opens in theaters on Friday, March 9th! The film features appearances by big stars like Chris Pine, Reese Witherspoon, Mindy Kaling, Zach Galifianakis, and Storm Reid. But Oprah Winfrey (THE Oprah Winfrey) is a big star even to these stars, and Reese Witherspoon was giddy at the chance to work on a movie with her. Apparently hanging out with Oprah is everything you've ever hoped and more!

She told Seth Meyers all about it on Late Night!

Witherspoon said working with Winfrey was...well, magical:

It's amazing, I can't actually believe they paid me American dollars to sit next to her," she admitted. "I was scared too, because sometimes you meet your heroes and they're not as awesome as you want them to be?

She's better than I imagined

And this isn't the first time she's hyped Oprah's hang skills! Apparently margaritas get involved...

Of course, drinks wouldn't be permitted when the group took a road-trip to Disneyland!

Reese Witherspoon seems to have all the luck with the mega-stars lately.

It's not just Oprah Reese has been rubbing elbows with. For season 2 of HBO's Big Little Lies, Meryl Streep will be making an appearance!

Reese told Uproxx what it was like finding out she'd be working with Meryl:

Well, she sent an email to Nicole [Kidman] and I, and it said, 'Okay I love the part and I'm gonna do it,' and I like, dropped the phone. Like mic dropped? I phone dropped. And I called Nicole and I was like, 'Is this real life? Like, is this really happening?

And then I got off the phone with Nicole and I like, hugged myself gently for a moment, and said, 'This is really happening, you're working with Meryl Streep. And then I called the writer and I go, 'You better write me good scenes with Meryl Streep.

On Stephen Colbert's show, Oprah did raise one qualm she had with Reese: she's a gum-chewer. Oprah then explained her aversion to gum.

I intensely dislike it. It comes from childhood. I grew up poor in Mississippi and my grandmother – absolutely no hyperbole whatsoever – my grandmother used to try to save gum, so she would put it on the bedpost, she would put it on the cabinet.

As a child, I used to bump into it and it would rub up against me and you know what it's like when you've taken it out of your mouth and it's been out a couple of weeks? It's bad. I was afraid of it.

When I go out to the world, I can't bar it. I have no powers there. It's a thing. I can't stand it.

Thankfully, the gum chewing caused no lasting damage to Reese and Oprah's friendship!

She said 'oh, that's too bad' and then she just walks off. Ask her about it.

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