Mueller's Recent Memo Is Heavily Redacted—So People Are Filling In The Blanks Themselves đŸ˜‚

As Special Counselor Robert Mueller gets closer to uncovering the truth about Russian meddling and possible coordination with United States citizens regarding the 2016 presidential election, people are more confused than ever.

This week The Office of Special Counsel sent out a recommendation on punishment for Michael Flynn, who served as National Security Adviser to President Donald Trump up until he was indicted for lying to the FBI.

Spoiler Alert: The recommendation is no prison time because Flynn gave "particularly valuable" information to the investigation. In other words, let the singing bird fly free.

The memo was made public but so much information was redacted people had no choice but to guess at what might lie beneath all that black ink.

Following are some of the best theories folks could come up with.

Could Jared be next?

There were also these helpful tips to get to the info.

These folks seem to have cracked the code!

Well now that wasn't so hard to figure out.

H/T: CNN. Huffington Post

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