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Queer Women Confront Group Of Intoxicated Men On Train For Their Sexist And Homophobic Language

Queer Women Confront Group Of Intoxicated Men On Train For Their Sexist And Homophobic Language
Josie Kemp / YouTube

This week, actor Josie Kemp boarded the train at London Marylebone headed toward Banbury when she witnessed a group of men shouting homophobic slurs, shortly after performing a racist chant in fake, demeaning Indian accents.

Kemp posted a video to Youtube of the exchange, captioned "All aboard the hate train."

Kemp was traveling on Saturday with her girlfriend, Lauren Soley.

When the two boarded the train together, the group of men who were already being loud redirected their efforts on the couple, shouting homophobic slurs in their direction.

Soley said:

"[The group of men] went on to be homophobic and transphobic, joking about us being in a same-sex relationship."

Finally having had enough of the banter, Soley stood up to confront the men seated behind them.

In the video, Soley asks:

"Do you have any idea how offensive you are?"

The men argued back and forth with Soley for several minutes about sexism and homophobia, and even one of the men's request for the video to be turned off.

One exchange in particular has drawn attention, regarding how the men identify.

One man argued:

"I could be gay for all you know, so don't call me homophobic."

Soley replied:

"I would support you if you were, and I'm sure your friends would."

The man also gestured to another in the group, claiming:

"He is transgender, he identifies as both male and female."

Later, however, the man referred to said he identified as a lamp.

You can watch the whole video here:

All aboard the hate

After the men got off of the train, Kemp described a conversation she had with the gentleman sitting next to her.

Kemp said:

"The guy sat next to me was from India, we got chatting when the men left the train and told me that when these men got on the train and were mimicking and mocking an Indian accent, he felt extremely uncomfortable."

"It isn't right! It's not funny It's not OK. Sexist. Homophobic. Racist. Transphobic people, getting away with being hateful. We shouldn't stand for it."

Youtube and Twitter followers have been sharing their opinions on the situation. Though some view the women as being too sensitive, most have been resoundingly supportive.

Josie Kemp / YouTube

Josie Kemp / YouTube

Kemp reflected on the situation:

"It's depressing that people like this exist but it's more hurtful to know that they can get away with it."

Fortunately, Chiltern Railways chimed in and said they are not supportive of such behavior on their trains. When situations like this arise, they encourage everyone to report the incidences. They even have a texting service, so people do not have to draw attention to themselves when reporting an altercation.

Hopefully in the future, more public service providers will come up with a system like this one, so onlookers can report as these incidences happen without receiving unwanted attention.