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Guy Shows Off His Quarantine-Inspired Outfits With Hilarious Home Runway Show Complete With Color Commentary


Texas recently announced strict shelter-in-place guidelines for Dallas area folks, essentially confining residents to their houses.

But these lockdown measures have forced folks to get just a little more creative with their time.

Elias Aragaw, who lives in the Dallas area, created some strong content featuring runway LEWKS to keep himself busy during lockdown.

"Look at him look at him ready to spend days in the house with that that beautiful traditional Ethiopian robe," he begins, narrating his own runway walk.

"Opening it up! White T-shirt and shorts, very casual look just in case the AC is blowing. Little spin and a flare and away he goes — yesss!"

Other things he models include a "Netflix And Chill" snuggie, a home-workout outfit with a sassy little waistband snap and an outdoor walk ensemble with latex gloves "so he don't bring no 'Rona home."

"In the midst of difficult times lies creativity, so while we're all quarantined be safe and find your peace and what makes you happy through it all," Aragaw told The New York Post.

"I create content often so I'm glad this one can help people find some joy and laughter considering the severity of what's going on."

The amount of memes that quarantine is churning out is frankly, staggering.

While restrictions get heavier daily, folks are constantly searching for levity.

Thankfully we have the internet and quarantine runway shows to get us through this hard time.