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QAnoners Throw Bigoted Tantrum After Guy Cuts Down Their Antisemitic Sign Over A Freeway

QAnoners Throw Bigoted Tantrum After Guy Cuts Down Their Antisemitic Sign Over A Freeway

A viral video captured two White supremacists verbally attacking a man for removing a banner they hung over a highway in Irvine, California.

The video was initially posted to the TikTik and YouTube pages of @sami_joji, who's TikTok profile was subsequently disabled due to the content in the video, which was also subsequently taken down from YouTube.

But Redditor @itsreallyreallytrue re-posted it to the subReddit "PublicFreakout", where it has received over 31, 500 likes.

WARNING: NSFW language

The video opened with a screenshot of an antisemitic banner hanging from an overpass in Orange County accompanied by a text overlay.

The banner attacked Irvine, California mayor Farrah Khan. It also included anti Black Lives Matter and Islamophobic rhetoric, in addition to condemning Critical Race Theory.

"A friend of mine saw this QAnon banner being hung on the freeway in Orange County and went to take it down... then this happened."

The video then cut to video footage, presumably recorded by the above-mentioned friend cutting down the banner. Two men quickly approached him, questioning what he was doing.

After the man recording the video asked them if they were responsible for the banner, the two unidentified men quickly began hurling homophobic and antisemitic epithets at him.

"What the f*ck are you doing you [F-word] Jew?"
"Why are you f*cking ripping down our property [F-word]."

The cameraman tried to counter the two alleged Proud Boys by telling them it was a public freeway and everyone shouldn't have to read hate speech.

"It's a public freeway man, a lot of people don't want to read that stuff."

But it became clear the two men were not willing to resolve the situation peacefully or quietly, particularly after noticing the cameraman was successful in cutting some of the ropes holding up the banner.

"You cut our f*ckin' sh*t?"
"What are you a f*ckin' girl?"
"Are you f*ckin' [R-word]."

The 32-second video closed with a close up photograph of one of the QAnoners who attacked the cameraman, accompanied by a text overlay.

"Friday's anti-Semitism is brought to you by this proud boy!

While the identity of the man recording the video and taking down the banner remains unconfirmed, The Daily Dotreported @sami_joji credited political Twitch commentator Hasan Piker when she posted the video on her YouTube page.

Redditors reacted to the video with fear and anger.

"These people scare me. I mean I know there are tons of quiet racists out there where I live who just don't say it out loud but these guys remind me of the brown shirts who got more and more violent and open with their words and then actions."

"They even LOOK scary with those gross haircuts and outfits. And the name is ridiculous yet fitting."- Boopy7

"Was the world always this crazy, and we’re just seeing more of it because of the internet? Or are we just doomed?"- they_call_me_tripod

"Dude?!? Where the f*ck did all these people come from?!? "

"I’m a White dude, and admittedly not the most woke dude on the planet. I wasn’t raised to think a certain way about race etc, but I also just kind of formed my own thoughts about being decent to people."

"I just don’t recall there being a bunch of dipsh*ts my age also being bred and brainwashed to act like this. How did we all end up in the same place, but they act like this and I…. Well…. Don’t act like a dipsh*t?!"- IFUDntXpct2MchFrmMe

"Anyone defending their spread of hatred from a freeway overpass is a f*cking idiot. Free speech is a thing, but ‘free epithets written on a cheap blanket and draped in public view’ does not exist."

"These f*cks all need swift kicks to the docks.- w4lt3r_s0bch4k

"How in the hell can racist a** America loving White supremacists even exist in the US? I don't understand."

"Their grandparents generation literally died fight the same ideals they're propagating. I don't get it."- LannaDarling

Others took the opportunity to make fun of one of their haircuts.

"Paranoid losers who have nothing better to do with their lives."- universalcode

"Yeah I don't wanna like, make fun of his high forehead because I have one myself, but uhhh, hasn't anyone ever advised him to literally take any other hairstyle? Even a mullet would be better."- TheDustOfMen."

"That’s some selfawarewolves sh*t right there. Calling the guy a “F*ckin’ hero” as an insult without realizing that they’re calling themselves villains."- Pero646.

"Proud boy with one of the stupidest hairdos I've ever seen."- BernieTheDachshund

"Of course somebody who gets his style points from Jim McMahon circa 1986 is also going to be a full-blown White supremacist and approach a situation by calling somebody an antisemitic phrase."- Urdazzle

@sami_joji remained determined to expose the bigots in the video. She subsequently created another TikTok page under the handle @samijoji33.

With fellow TikToker @Mariecat7, @samijoji33 posted another edit of the video with an overlay urging TikTok not to remove it.


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"This happened in Irvine, CA."
"TikTok, we need to find and expose these men."
" Racism. Alive and well. Stop ignoring it White People."

@samijoji33 later reposted the original video, this time with a plea to TikTok administrators in the video's description.

"TikTok pls do not remove!"
"This is a demonstration of hate speech. pls boost!!"

The comment section of the video was filled with TikTokers vowing to share the video and tagging other relevant influencers in hopes of giving the video a wider viewership.

The men as yet remain unidentified.